The best Eurostar destination revealed... and the worst



If you dream of hopping on a Eurostar train and being whisked away to a glamorous European destination, the chances are that Paris would be top of your list. However, a survey by Which? has found that it doesn't offer the best holiday experience - in fact it only made it to number five.

So which cities were voted the best - and which were the worst?


The top spot went to Nimes, a historic city within six hours of London, which received an incredible 86%. It scored particularly highly for cultural sights and tourist attractions - presumably the pretty medieval Old Town helped significantly here, with more high scores for food and drink and value for money.


The popular home of Belgian chocolate, beer and picturesque 13th century streets made it to second place, just a sliver behind Nimes with 85%. Its highest scores were for accommodation, tourist attractions and value for money, with strong scores across the board.


Known primarily for its European Union institutions, the city has plenty of other things going for it. The highest scores here were for shopping, public transport, value for money, tourist attractions and food and drink. The latter was perhaps predictable for the city that invented foie gras.


The Belgian city has beauty on its side, with its particularly well-preserved historic old town. It also scored well for tourist attractions, transport and shopping. Fans of the destination also point out that it is far less touristy than Bruges, and more chilled out.


The capital unsurprisingly got top marks for tourist attractions, and did well on public transport and shopping too. Value for money really dropped its scored back - which will strike a chord for anyone who has ever taken coffee overlooking the river - or any tourist sight.

The rest of the top ten were made up of Cologne and Amsterdam with 81%, Dijon and Antwerp with 80% and The Hague with 79%.


At the other end of the scale, joint last place went to Calais and Limoges. Calais received just one out of five for its cultural attractions. Limoge hardly fared much better - with two out of five for its tourist attractions.

The bottom cities were:
Limoges 53%
Calais 53%
Geneva 57%
Tours 62%
Frankfurt 63%
Utrecht 64%
Rotterdam 65%
Lausanne 65%
Marseilles 67%
Lille 67%
Reims 67%
Brussels 67%

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