Mother finds 'blade' in Sainsbury's chicken kiev



Sophie Perks, a 22-year-old data manager and mother from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, found a splinter of sharp metal in a Sainsbury's chicken Kiev. She had been in the process of serving it to her one-year-old daughter Madison-Faith when she cut into what she described as a 'saw blade'.

So how could this happen, and is this the first time a blade has made it into a meal?

Perks told the Daily Mail that she was slicing the Kiev for her daughter's dinner, when she heard a 'clunk'. On further investigation she found a shard of metal.

She took it back to the Sainsbury's in Church Gresley, who apologised and offered her a replacement packet of Kievs. She said it wasn't good enough, and called for an investigation.

Sainsbury's told the newspaper that they had started a thorough investigation. It added that: "Incidents like this are extremely rare as we have the highest standards and carry out quality control checks at all stages of production."

Blades in food

It's a shocking tale, but this isn't the first time that a blade has been sold in food - and it's far from the most shocking.

There have been full knives that slipped into food. In 2008 a man from St Austell, Cornwall, found a four-inch knife in a sandwich he had bought from Subway. The takeaway franchisee said there was nothing to prove the knife came from his outlet.

Then there's the story from a year later of the man who found a seven-inch knife baked into the 12 inch sandwich he bought from a New York Subway outlet. He discovered it after biting into the handle. He launched a lawsuit but settled out of court.

Smaller, but equally dangerous, are the razor blades found in food. In August this year a mum from Spalding in Lincolnshire found a razor blade when she was tucking into a bag of tortilla crisps from Aldi. She was alerted by the 'clunk' of the blade against her teeth.

In June, a California woman says she found one in her Burger King burger. She apparently saw it lurking between her hamburger and the bun when she was checking for onions. The organisation stressed this was a one-off accident, and that razor blades were not allowed near food preparation areas.

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