Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies


Freebie Friday

There are some weeks when a discount is enough to keep us happy, but there are others when only a freebie will do. If you're saving your cash for Christmas parties and presents, then why not help yourself to five fantastic freebies to keep you going for the week.

We'll quench your thirst, decorate your walls, entertain you, and keep your whites from going pink.

Free colour catcher

If you're prone to leaving a red sock in with the whites, you could improve your chances for one wash, because you can get a free sample of those colour catcher sheets that absorb the colours so they don't run. Just register here - and don't forget tick the box for a free sample.

Free Sprite

Users of have tracked down a free 500ml bottle of Sprite from Subway through a Facebook promotion. Just enter your details here, print off your voucher. and take it to your nearest Subway to redeem it. The offer is open until 25 October - or until 200,000 have been given away - so it's worth getting sooner rather than later.

Free British wildlife poster

The BBC has produced a free poster to accompany The Great British Year - showing you the flora and fauna to watch out for at various times of year. To get hold of yours, just fill in the order form on the Open University website.

BT Sports

BT Sport has opened all its services to everyone with Freeview, BT TV, Sky and Virgin, for the first two weeks of October, from 7pm Monday-Friday on Freeview channel 57. To round off 'Open October' BT Sport will also be making BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN open during the weekend of the 26th - 27th October.

Free REN mini skincare kit

The November issue of InStyle magazine comes with a set of three REN travel-size products. There's a cleansing milk, day cream and eye gel. The magazine is also reduced to £2 for one month only - so you'll be getting well over £8 of products for a quarter of the price.