Asda glitch gives customers £50


Asda delivery van

Deal hunters have been cashing in on a glitch on the Asda website. Two different vouchers were released, one which offered £50 off any shop over £50, and one which offered £25 off any shop over £25. The news spread like wildfire, and hundreds put in a number of bulk orders of everything from alcohol to cat food.

So what happened, and can you take advantage?

Cashed in

According to The Independent, yesterday morning some savvy shoppers got hold of a discount code to enter when buying £50 or more worth of groceries. Those who acted fast enough very early yesterday morning (and arranged to collect it as soon as possible) received £50 off the cost of their shopping.

At the same time a glitch was found by users of, who found they could get £25 off their groceries if they spent £25.01 or more (and that they could use the code up to 4 times). A number of them took advantage. One collected a copy of Grant Theft Auto which had cost him just £17 as a result. Another picked up just over £25 of wine.

Asda has confirmed to AOL that it is aware of a glitch with its evouchering, and is in the process of addressing it. It added that no-one has lost out as a result of it, but "a small number of savvy customers have taken advantage and got more money off than they should have."


However, the vast majority of those trying to take advantage were disappointed, as Asda discovered the glitches mid-morning yesterday and cancelled the vouchers. It told AOL: "We've removed the glitch which has prevented customers from using the rogue voucher and we apologise for any confusion caused. We will not be honouring any outstanding orders which have used a rogue voucher code."

However just because you cannot take advantage this time, it doesn't mean that it's not worth keeping an eye out for these things.

Not the first

Asda doesn't seem to run into as many glitches as some of its competitors. However, this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened at the supermarket. Something very similar happened in June 2010, when customers completing their online shop received a message telling them they were a Dettol competition winner and could have £75 off the price of their groceries. They then forwarded the code onto others.

However, again, Asda caught the glitch and pulled it quickly. Although a very small number of people got the discount, the vast majority were told they should either pay full price or cancel the order.

The only time they have been sluggish in picking up on a glitch was in September last year, when shoppers discovered a glitch in the Asda Price Guarantee, and took advantage before it was spotted. The way the process is supposed to work is that you input your receipt details online and it will check whether your shop was 10% cheaper than it would have been at competitor supermarkets. If it isn't you get a voucher for the difference.

However, when certain trigger products were in the basket - including a particular brand of rice pudding cereal and hair gel - the supermarket massively under-priced the shopping at other supermarkets, and offered huge vouchers to shoppers. In many instances the vouchers came to roughly the same as the cost of the shopping. Shoppers shared details of these trigger products online, and one man claimed to have made £8,670 from the glitch in four weeks.

An Asda spokesperson told AOL: "A small glitch in the Asda Price Guarantee has meant that a very small number of our savviest customers have been able to beat the system and claim a few, larger than normal, money-off vouchers."

The fact that these deals reoccur, and that those who act fast can take advantage, mean it's worth keeping an eye on deal hunting sites like - or creating an alert for Asda glitches. If you discover it early enough next time, maybe you too could get your groceries for free.