No buyer yet for £2.5m Twatley mansion


Mansion for sale

A beautiful home in the Cotswolds is on the market for £2.5 million. For your money you get a stunning eight-bedroom property with more than three acres of land in a hamlet near Malmesbury. However, the property has not yet been sold.

There is some speculation that the name of the hamlet might be putting off potential buyers.

The property

You get a lot for your £2.5 million. There's a modern kitchen, impressive drawing room (measuring nearly 40 feet), and plenty of room for impressing your guests. Then there are eight bedrooms, four bathrooms and a wet room. Strutt and Parker, the estate agents, point out that it would be easy to create self-contained accommodation for family or staff.

Beyond the house there are outbuildings - including one used as a garage and another used as a gym. There's also a sunken water garden, rose garden, and a discreet heated swimming pool.

It is currently the most expensive property on the market in the immediate area. However, it's a real bargain for the Cotswolds, where equally beautiful and spacious properties can cost £5 million or more.

The Western Daily Press has asked whether the name of the hamlet might be off-putting for some. It reported that the name Twatley comes from an old English word for rabbit. However, it didn't save it from being one of the ports of call in the 2011 Inbetweeners 'rude road trip'.

What's in a name?

The house has only been on the market since 17 September, so it's a bit early to start speculating that the name could be a hindrance to a sale.

And there are plenty of properties changing hands regularly in places which might raise a smirk with some people. The popular Sandy Balls Holiday Centre in Godshill, Fordingbridge, suffers no shortage of buyers. Shitterton in Dorset has seen house prices climb 4% in the last year alone. Meanwhile, Dick Place in Edinburgh is in one of the most desirable parts of town, and the average house is worth around £975k, compared with £460k for the postcode more generally.

The residents of Twatley have nothing to fear.