For the girl that has everything: £70,000 platinum shoes


A pair of stilettos made from solid platinum has gone on sale for the eye-watering price of £70,000.

Designed by Chris Shellis of the House of Borgezie, the Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto took more than four years to develop, with each pair taking over a hundred hours to complete. To make them, goldsmiths work with metal at temperatures of over 1,000 degrees C.

The shoes consist of more than 30 separate parts and are encrusted with over 2,200 individual hand-set diamonds: the company compares the craftsmanship involved to that needed to make a Faberge egg or Stradivarius violin.

The heel and sole are designed to be easily replaceable by the owner when necessary. "They are treasures that will last for ever," says Shellis - who is backing up this claim with a 1,000-year guarantee.

Shellis says he sold "quite a few" of the gold-and-diamond shoes he created three years ago, and that he's already had a number of enquiries about the platinum design.

"We only launched them 40 hours ago, and we've already had a lot of interest in China," he says. "It's a bit like dropping a stone in a still lake; it's just a matter of time before the Middle East comes online, and we've got people out there marketing them now."

The record for the highest price ever paid for a pair of high heels is held by a diamond-covered pair designed by New York's Kathryn Wilson, which sold for over $400,000 in a charity auction earlier this year.

But if anybody does buy the platinum stilettos, they will be the most expensive pair of heels ever to be sold commercially. They come in, for example, at more than forty times the £1,745 price tag of Louboutin's latest glittery pair, the Artifice Strass.

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