Winner scoops £10m in Lotto draw

Lottery champagne glassesOne winner scooped a £10 million jackpot in tonight's new Lotto draw, Camelot said.

The winning Lotto numbers are: 20, 15, 19, 05, 17, 47 and the bonus number is 38.

There was also another 1,000 raffle winners who each scooped £20,000.

A National Lottery spokesman said, "It was a fantastic opening night for new Lotto, and we hope the 1,000 players out there who all won a guaranteed £20,000 on the first ever Lotto raffle are celebrating in style. And not to forget the one ticket-holder who scooped the amazing £10 million Lotto jackpot tonight."

There were 11 ticket-holders who each won £43,059 for matching five of the six balls plus the bonus ball. Another 397 ticket-holders won £1,012 for matching five balls, which 574 won £90 for four matches and 441,686 won £25 for three matches.

No-one won the top £500,000 prize in the Thunderball draw. The winning Thunderball numbers are: 33, 39, 22, 13, 37 and the Thunderball number is 08.

Wednesday's estimated jackpot is £2.5 million.

Lotto tickets doubled in price this week to £2, but more winners are to share in the prize pot, operator Camelot has said.

The increase saw the prize for matching three numbers rise from £10 to £ 25.

But the prize pot for matching five numbers dropped by £500 to £1,000, while the reward for matching five numbers and the bonus number halved to £ 50,000. The prize for matching four numbers increased from £60 to £100.

The price rise is the first since Lotto launched in 1994 and follows research which found that consumers ''want more ways to win more money'' from the game, according to Camelot.

An average 800,000 players win prizes for matching three or four numbers each week, while around 800 players match five numbers or five plus the bonus.