Tesco glitch means dinner service sells for 56p


The crockery sets

Users of Hotukdeals.com have been snapping up a 12-piece dinner service in Tesco for just 56p. The set is officially priced at £18, but started scanning yesterday at just 56p. One keen buyer, who owns a number of student properties, picked up nine sets for just £5.04 - saving an impressive £156.96.

So can you take advantage?

The deal

The deal was first reported very early yesterday morning by a user calling herself Jess17, who had bought the two-tone white and purple set from Tesco in Broughton, Flintshire.

As other users woke, they made a beeline for their local Tesco. Some were reporting that the sets were listed at £9 in their local store and were scanning at £9. Some were listed at £9 but scanning at 56p, and others were listed at £18 and scanning at 56p.

Many were snapping up as many as they could, for a variety of reasons. One said her daughter was just starting university so she bought them for her and her friends. Another said she ran a B&B so the sets would come in very handy. One admitted that she planned to sell them on eBay.

Some users called round the stores, and were told there were none left on the shelves. Others warned them that by calling ahead they were warning staff about the glitch, and that the sets would be withdrawn from sale.


There was some speculation as to why the crockery was scanning so cheaply. As always when a bulky, seasonal item is dramatically reduced, there is the chance that the stores are simply discounting a product that is being discontinued. It is usual policy to reduce these items more and more over time - as it's always best for them to sell the product for anything at all rather than having to write them off as waste.

However, last night the Mirror said that Tesco had confirmed it was a glitch that they would be investigating.

Can you take advantage
The fact that the chain has been alerted isn't a great sign. In any case, as the day wore on, more and more people were reporting empty shelves. However, you could be lucky and there may be one lurking locally, so if you're in Tesco, it's worth having a look.

It also pays to keep your eyes peeled on sites such as hotukdeals.com, where an enormous number of glitches have been reported - including lots from Tesco. If you act fast you stand a good chance of getting a great bargain.

Tesco glitches we have reported in the last six months have included white chocolate oranges selling for 1p, a selection of ice creams including Magnums selling for 10p each, Cadburys Caramel bunnies at 1p, large boxes of tic tacs for 1p, and a large box of Thorntons chocolates selling for 1p.

The question is whether at a time when profits are under pressure - they recently reported a fall of 23.5% - Tesco will focus on the problem and glitches will become a thing of the past. Of course, with profits still topping £1.39 billion you could argue that they'll keep scraping by even if they do offer the odd accidental massive bargain to the keen bargain hunter.