Exact copy of JFK limo on sale for £100,000


The car in which JFK was killed

A Stretch Lincoln convertible - exactly the same as the one JFK was shot in - is up for auction by Bonhams in Belgium. The pair were the only two ever made of this type, and were both bought by the White House. While this particular car was never used by JFK, the fact that it is exactly the same as that iconic car is expected to lift the price to between £75,000 and £130,000.

So why is it expected to fetch so much, and how does it compare to other cars with famous links?

The car

The auction catalogue says that the limo is exactly the same as the one that JFK was shot in. It is convertible to allow the president to be seen, has three rows of seats for his entourage, and has extra-wide doors so that his guests can get in and out without embarrassment.

It is also adorned with the trappings of the President - including the Seal of the President on the side and floor mats, the Presidential flag on the front, and the footplates and handles at the back to enable secret service agents to ride on the car.

The car in which JFK was shot is in the Henry Ford Museum. However, after the shooting, it was modified to have bullet-proof windows and a hard roof added. Potential buyers may like the fact that the matching car was never modified, so looks the same as it did on the day the car was bought in 1963.

It also only has 650 km on the clock - because it has been in a French museum for the last 30 years after being bought at an auction in Florida. However, don't expect to get an enormous amount of use out of it, as it wasn't designed to travel at much more than 30 mph.

Bonhams pointed out that the sale comes just before the 50th anniversary of the shooting on 22 November this year.

Celebrity cars

The celebrity link is everything when it comes to the value of this car, and in the past we have seen cars linked with famous faces go for some extraordinary sums.

Perhaps the most impressive was in January this year, when a 1955 Lincoln Future concept car was sold for $4.6 million. The reason why it was worth so much? It had been converted into the original Batmobile.

Another icon to fetch a huge sum was John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom, which was sold at auction in the 1980s for $2.29 million. Without the celebrity connection (and the paint job) it would have been worth around £30,000.

At the beginning of this year another celebrity car rivaled this price, when a 1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Coupe once owned by Clark Gable, sold for $2.04 million. The car had only cost $7,295 when it was new.

More recently, one highlight was when the Lotus Esprit which turned into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me, sold for £550,000 at auction. James Bond's car is now a fully working submarine, but cannot be driven on the road.

And it's not just the swanky cars that sell. A nondescript Audi Quattro convertible which was driven by Princess Diana in the mid 1990s sold this summer for £36,500 at an auction at Blenheim Palace.