Toyota and Nissan recall yet more cars



Toyota and Nissan may have hoped that their recall woes were behind them, but both brands have just issued yet another recall. Nissan is recalling 908,900 vehicles across the world due to a problem with the accelerator. Toyota, meanwhile, is recalling 615,000 minivans in the US because of a problem that means the cars can be shifted out of park mode without the brake on.

So what are these problems, and are you affected?


The Toyota problem, which affects Sienna minivans, has already caused 24 accidents. The car is designed that in order to shift from park mode to drive mode you have to put the brake pedal down - to stop the car from automatically rolling forward.

However, a problem with the levers means that the cars are shifting when the brake isn't down. The nature of the problem means that the accidents have been at low speed and have been described by the company as 'minor'.

The fact that this is been solely related to the Sienna minivan in the US (made between 2004 and 2005 or 2007 to 2009) means that UK drivers are not affected.


The Nissan recall, however, does affect some UK drivers - specifically those driving 113 Nissan Patrol vehicles built between 2006 and 2013.

It is recalling cars that were made in Japan during this period. The majority of the cars affected have been sold in Japan - where some Infiniti M, Serena, X-Trail, Lafesta and Fuga models are being recalled. Meanwhile around 10% of the cars affected are in the US, where recalled models include the Infiniti M.

The problem is that the accelerator pedal sensor can become unstable, which means the car doesn't accelerate as much as intended. This can cause cars to slow, or stall. Nissan says that it is not aware of any accidents due to the problem, but it has issued a recall for those made in Japan between 2004 and 2013.

Cars affected by the recall will need to be taken to a dealership in order to have the pedal replaced and the engine control programming repaired.

Recall woe

This is another blow for both companies, who are struggling to shake off the impact of previous recalls.

Toyota will be reeling from the fact this is the second recall it has issued in the US during September. It also recalled 780,000 models of the RAV4 and Lexus HS 250h over concerns than an earlier recall of the cars to fix the suspension did not do the job properly.

The past three years have seen the company reeling from a number of recalls. They hoped to put the horrors of 2009 and 2010 behind them when problems with the accelerator caused a number of serious accidents. They pledged to improve standards, but have encountered a range of problems since from window switches that pose a fire risk, to airbags which may be hazardous to passengers.

Nissan, meanwhile is facing its third recall this year, after a 480,000 recall in April over airbag faults and a 841,000 recall in May over steering wheel problems.