Teen discovers surgical glove in Lidl cola


The Hills

13-year-old Robyn Hills from Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, was drinking from a bottle of Lidl cola when she felt something brush her lips. She looked into the bottle and thought she caught sight of a human finger. On closer inspection she found that she'd almost swallowed part of a surgical glove.

She was disgusted by the discovery, but things could have been even worse.

According to the Daily Mail, there were several pieces of the glove floating in the two-litre bottle, so her mother Emma, a 35-year-old hotel housekeeper, reported the store in Rushden, Northants, to her local council.

The supermarket told the newspaper that it had strict quality control processes in place with its suppliers and will take this incident very seriously. It urged Hills to return the bottle so they could investigate it with their supplier.

Lidl has since told AOL that the family has been in touch and an investigation is underway.

Real-life horror

It's not a particularly pleasant thing to find floating in your cola, but it could have been worse - it could have actually been a finger. The real-life horror of finding a human finger in your food has happened.

In February 2009 Clarence Stowers bought a pint of frozen yoghurt from Khohl's Frozen Yoghurt shop in Wilmington NC. He was unaware that just before his purchase, a worker packing the yoghurt had lost his finger in an accident and the finger had found its way into his pint. It was only when he tucked into it at home that he fished the strange object out of his mouth and made the terrifying discovery.

Only marginally less horrifying was the human tooth found in a packet of sausages from Tesco in Sheerness in February - complete with a filling. Bizarrely the presence of the tooth remains a mystery, as Tesco pointed out that all produce passes through a metal detector on leaving the factory - so the tooth wasn't in the sausages at that point.

Finding human offcuts is thankfully extraordinarily rare. However, this doesn't mean you're safe from deceased foreign bodies unexpectedly making an appearance in your dinner.

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Dead animals

We reported in July on the man who popped into a Burger King for a chicken burger, only to discover a slug in his dinner.

Then in May there was the inch-long dead beetle found in an M&S ready meal.

Another surprisingly common discovery in food is mice. This time last year 31-year-old Katie Crabtree found a sliced mouse in her bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. She even bit into it.

Two years earlier it was the turn of Stephen Forse, who found a mouse baked into his Premier Foods loaf.

And a year before that Cate Barrett from St Austell in Cornwall found one in her jar of Asda Extra Special curry sauce.

We're not playing down the shock of finding a glove in your cola, but it might not have been quite so horrific as finding a finger, a tooth or a dead mouse.

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