Michael Barrymore's new job - a world away from the garden centre


Made By Dave

Last time we wrote about Michael Barrymore's career was in May,when we drew attention to the fact that he was helping out at a local garden centre - in a voluntary role. His new career is a million miles away from that garden centre, in the glamorous world of fashion.

He is helping his dog launch a clothing line: that's right, his dog.

Made by Dave

Dave Russell is Barrymore's Jack Russell, and he has launched his own line of clothing - and his own brand, Made by Dave. It's worth pointing out that Dave's marketing features the bawdy humour of his owner, so if you're of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

The official story is that Dave was at a party at the London fashion show and thought "If that gin soaked cow an make it in fashion I'm sure I can." The less official story is that Dave has been beside Barrymore through some tough times, and they make a good team.

The brand is a high-end affair. The clothes are designed and made in Britain, and come with a hell of a price tag. Polo shirts are around the £100 mark, jeans around £120, and the shoes are around £250. They are available online and through a number of boutiques.

Take a look at a selection of the clothes available from Made by Dave in the gallery below:

Made by Dave - new clothing line from Michael Barrymore

Made by Dave - new clothing line from Michael Barrymore

So will it be a success?

Part of the draw is clearly the Barrymore connection. His personality is stuffed into every corner of the brand. Even the terms and conditions section of the website starts with "Dave says: I like to keep things straight forward (I'm straight and my owner is forward). Sometimes it is important to read the small print as a rather unfortunate trip to the vet proved to me before my dream of a deep voice and grand pups was cruelly ripped away."

In the privacy section, it starts with 'Protecting your Privates', and goes on: "Dave says: Ever since I bit that reporter who was going through my owners' dustbin, I've had a bit of a thing about privacy."

And in the FAQ - frequently asked questions - section he says: "Frankly, since the demise of the News of the World I've had to dodge less of these FAQing things... but here are some things you might want to know..."

He wouldn't be the first celebrity to attach their name to an unusual brand - and there have been plenty of odd associations over the years. There's Sugarpova - a range of sweets sold by Maria Sharapova. Then there's Marilyn Manson's Mansinthe - his brand of absinthe. Clint Eastwood meanwhile owns a golf club, and Sandra Bullock has owned a number of restaurants. Some celebrity brands have gone stratospheric, such as Dr Dre's headphones, so there's clearly enormous potential.

One early positive sign is that it has gone down reasonably well with the fashion pack. GQ said: "the most shocking part of this entire enterprise is that some of the clothes are actually quite good, especially the shoes."

Celebrities with unusual business interests

Celebrities with unusual business interests