Michael Winner's mansion: is it worth the £60m he claimed?


Winner in his bedroom

Michael Winner was terribly proud of his Holland Park mansion. It's a pretty impressive place, in stunning Queen Anne style, with 47 rooms (including a swimming pool, cinema, and opulent luxury everywhere you look). The fact that it is on the fringes of Holland Park itself puts it into the property price stratosphere.

But is it really worth the £60 million that Winner always claimed?

£60 million claims

Winner was absolutely certain that Woodland House was worth this huge price tag - and even briefly put it on the market for £60 million in 2011. However, according to the Sunday Times, the reaction from his estate agent should have been a strong sign that the price may have been a little over-inflated.

The £60 million could only ever be an estimate. Winner bought it back when it was three flats in the late 1970s. He spent millions overhauling it, bringing an air of real glamour and luxury to the place over the years. No expense was spared - from the cinema (frequented by the likes of Warren Beatty) to the two-storey master bedroom, and the spectacular indoor pool - with a separate spa-room. He even cut some of his films in the editing room in the property - adding to the attractions for many buyers.

It was a regular in many celebrity and interiors magazines, where the sheer scale of the property became clear. Photos of the master bedroom feature a wide screen TV which looks the size of a postage stamp in the magnificent scale of the room.

Check out the mansion in the gallery below.

Michael Winner's mansion

Michael Winner's mansion


The estimate must have reflected the cash he spent on the place and the opulence he lived within. However, he was dead wrong. According to the Daily Mail, The house is actually on sale for £17.5 million.

Winner originally didn't want the property to be sold. He wanted to hand it to the local council so it could be turned into a museum. However, the local council said it couldn't meet the running costs or afford to extend the lease.

Meanwhile, Winner had substantial debts at the time of his death this January. He had also taken out a series of mortgages on the place so he could buy flats for some of his friends. His widow has decided to sell the property to clear all the debts.

Too modest?

But the £17.5 million price tag seems very modest for a property of this size in this location. The average detached property round here sells for just over £12 million (according to Rightmove), but a 47-room mansion is hardly your average house.

At this price it's £2 million cheaper than a seven bedroom house round the corner. A stone's throw from it is a Grade II listed detached house with 9 bedrooms, 9 reception rooms and 9 bathrooms - which needs extensive modernisation and is on the market for £65 million.

But what do you think? Is £17.5 million a bargain, or is it an insane amount to pay for a property - regardless of where it is and who used to live there?

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