Psychic accused of planting fake 'ghost'


A professional psychic has been accused of planting a chum in an attic to impersonate a ghost. Chris Date charges £12 for his spooky tour of Carmarthenshire's Halfway Hotel in Llanelli. During a tour of the stables, Date summoned up the paranormal.

Two bangs were emitted from the ceiling. Less amazingly, a man in designer jeans shortly leapt out of the attic.

Knock, knock

Some of the 14 people who had paid £12 each on the tour weren't so impressed. Hotel owner Paul Francis told the Mirror that Date had been given the keys to the hotel earlier to set up. "I think he used that time to put someone in the attic. He wanted his first ghost hunt to go with a bang but it backfired in a big way."

But Chris Date - nom de plume Knight Guider - defended his spook tour to the paper. "I have got a very good track record. It's disgusting, I would never do that. It was a ghost hunt. No mediumship was promised."

Give up the ghost

Date's website describes himself as "a great intuitive reader who speaks from the heart." A 25-minute telephone reading with this 'spiritual guide' costs £45 - but Date also throws in free delivery of a 'healing stone' for each 25-minute chat.

"Knight Guider," his website goes on, "has a wealth of life experience and while he will not tell you what to do he can help you to talk about and explore your options. It may help you find some clairty [sic] with your path ahead."


Clearly psychic Date didn't predict the path ahead of his own tour. The posh name for being a psychic, in case you didn't know, is 'clairsentient'.

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