Tesco price glitch sees white chocolate oranges for 1p


36 chocolate oranges

White chocolate oranges in Tesco stores have been scanning for just 1p each - an impressive £2.74 cheaper than their usual price. The deal was spotted in the small hours of Tuesday morning, when Hotukdeals.com member Kimylee posted that although they were marked as £2.75 on the shelf, they were scanning at 1p.

So can you take advantage?


After the first post, other members started coming forward with stories and photos of their own finds. One posted a photo of 21 boxes, another a picture of 12, and one with 36 - who saved £98.64 on the usual price (pictured).

The chocolate oranges are marked with snowflakes, which led site users to speculate that it could be old Christmas stock that some stores are trying to sell off cheaply. However, given that some supermarkets are already stocking festive-themed-chocolates - and the best before date is marked as next July - this could simply be new stock that has been added incorrectly to the supermarket systems.

Can you cash in?

Whatever the reason for the reduction, cashing in is not entirely straightforward, because the glitch isn't working in every store. It's working in some Tesco shops and some Tesco Extras - from Grimsby to the West Country, but not in others.

By yesterday afternoon the shelves were starting to be cleared, but there were still some lurking on the seasonal shelves in other stores. Earlier today, there were more people reporting empty shelves than successes - although some still found the white chocolate oranges lurking behind the milk chocolate ones on the shelves.

A Tesco employee warned users that they had been alerted to the glitch, so any that were noticed going through the tills would be removed and you couldn't get your hands on the bargain. If you are lucky enough to find any, therefore, it's worth taking them through the self-service checkouts.

If you have missed this deal, it's worth bearing in mind that they are relatively common, and if you respond quickly, you stand a much better chance of getting a bargain. If you are a keen bargain-hunter it may be worth subscribing to a number of deal-hunting websites, so you will be among the first to know.

Hotukdeals.com user Airey missed this particular deal. However she added : Even though I only take a few [when I find a glitch] I've only just got through my Tic-Tacs, got a freezer full of Magnums, still got a couple of boxes of Thorntons and a bedroom full of Olympic 2012 teddies."

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