Mum's taxi - available forever



Some parents are prepared to act as a taxi service for their children for ever, a survey suggests.

Some mothers and fathers reckon they will still be driving their children around until their offspring are well into their 30s, the poll by Allianz Your Cover Insurance found.

And of those parents who regularly drive their children around, 15% think they will never stop giving their children lifts.

Based on responses from 1,000 parents of children up to the age of 30 who regularly drive their family around, the survey showed that mothers and fathers drive around 1,700 miles a year taking their children on lifts.
This equates to running up an annual taxi bill of £7,813, with parents spending the equivalent of four days a year waiting in their cars to pick up their children.

A total of 40% of parents expect to continue giving their children lifts until they pass their driving test , with 19% doing so until they leave home and 17% until their children can afford a car.

Parents of 13-16-year-olds drive the most each week, while those with children aged nine to 12 spend the most time hanging around waiting to pick them up.

Taking children to a friend's house was the main reason for the family taxi service to spring into action, followed by driving children to an after-school club.

Jon Lott, of Allianz Your Cover Insurance, said: "Mum and Dad's taxi service is getting UK families from A to B and with these trips totalling a mileage close to 2,000 per year, it's clear families are depending on a regular family taxi service to help manage their busy lifestyles."

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