Rules target 'entitlement culture'

Iain Duncan SmithThe Government's new Claimant Commitment will help to end the culture of entitlement, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has said.

The new compliance regime, which will be rolled out nationally from October, will help ensure that jobseekers are doing everything possible to find work, he said.

"This is about redefining the relationship between benefit claimants and the state. The welfare state will support people when they fall on hard times, but in return they need to meet some contracted responsibilities agreed with a Jobcentre Plus adviser.

"It's a fair deal people will have to sign up to in return for receiving support from the state. Our reforms are ushering in a new culture of conditionality and the Claimant Commitment lies at the heart of this," he said.

The new document sets out the requirements expected from benefit claimants, and the potential consequences of failing to meet those requirements.

People claiming Universal Credit will need to sign the Claimant Commitment, explaining how they will go about finding work or "additional or better paid work" if already in employment, to receive the benefit.

Most claimants will be expected to prove that finding work is their "full-time focus". Failure to do so could result in their benefits being cut.

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