Celine Dion sells $72.5m home - complete with water park


Celine Dion

Celine Dion has put her Florida home on the market for an astonishing $72.5 million (£47 million). The property was built at the behest of the pop diva, and includes a 10,000 square foot main house, with an eight-bedroom guest house, beach house, pool house and tennis centre.

Plus of course, there's the water park built in the grounds.

The property

The property, on the waterside in the exclusive Jupiter Island area, features the best of everything. The list of rooms is exhausting to read - let alone walk round (or clean). As well as the main kitchen there's a separate butlers' kitchen, family room, dinette and dining room. Then there's the media room, play room, fitness room, games room and a guest wing.

Upstairs are two children's bedrooms, a children's den, and the master bedroom. This is pretty spectacular. It opens onto the terrace - including a hot tub and an outdoor fireplace, while inside is an enormous walk-in wardrobe with automated clothes and shoe racks.

And if you get tired schlepping from one side of the house to the other, there's an elevator.

Dion tackled the challenge of keeping her family away from prying paps and overwhelming fans, by building an impressive water park inside her grounds. It includes two pools connected with a giant twisting slide and lazy river - and a footbridge - plus a third pool at the back of the house.

It's exactly the sort of sumptuous indulgence you would expect from an international mega-star. Plus it comes with the sort of staff quarters you need to run a property like this.

Is it worth it?

According to CNBC Dion has also sold her home on a private island near Montreal. She wasn't getting the chance to visit either property terribly often because she is performing in Las Vegas. After extending her contract until 2019 it seems as though she has decided she doesn't need these enormous properties that she never sees.

Pricing a mega-mansion like this has to be tricky. Forbes says she spent $12.5 million on a property in 2005, plus $8 million on the land next door. Then she knocked down a 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home to make way for this enormous property. It's by far the most lavish of the six she owns in the US and Canada, and is one of the most expensive homes for sale in Florida at the moment.

Celine Dion's connection to the home is likely to draw interest - it's mentioned in the second line of the property description by the estate agents. Interestingly, one of the only other homes in the state to top $75 million is the eclectically-designed former home of Gianni Versace in Miami Beach - which has spent some time on the market now.

However, the size and quality of Dion's property means that even if this property was owned by a faceless billionaire it would be selling for this sort of stratospheric price.

But what do you think, could any home ever be worth this sort of money?