Listen: How Lottery winners react to a win


Tracy Tyler and Adam Young

The National Lottery has revealed sound clips of five lucky winners and their phone calls to Camelot to confirm the win. The winners picked up between £300,000 and £5.8 million, and their voices betray a mixture of nerves, confusion, disbelief, excitement, and joy.

So how did they react, and what's the best thing to do if you think you've won something on the lottery?

Listen to all the winners' reactions below:

Tracy Tyler

The biggest winner in the clips was Tracy Tyler of Epping Forest, who won £5,819,806 in July 2013 with her partner Adam Young. She is a bag of nerves at the beginning of the call, telling the operator she is "shaking like a leaf." Then when the win is confirmed she is so overwhelmed and delighted that the operator asks her if she's alright.

She told Camelot: "Even now I get goose bumps hearing the call - it's still so exciting. I can remember innocently saying, 'can you just tell me how much it would be?' and when the lady on the other end said, 'five million, eight hundred and nineteen thousand, eight hundred and six pounds' I thought I must be hearing things!"

£1 million winners
There were also three winners of £1 million. Andy Garth from Middlesbrough is the most demonstrative on hearing the news, shouting "Yeeeees, yes! Oh my god I love you."

Keith Williams of Merthyr Tydfil was at work when he called. The operator asks him if he's sitting down before she gives him the news, and he confirms he is. After he's told he's a millionaire he responds "I'm not sitting down now."

Lee Orchard from St Austell won £1 million on a scratchcard. He told the operator he had checked it a million times and got his manager to check it twice. On being told he's a millionaire he's delighted, saying "Honestly, thanks mate. Brilliant."

Finally, there's Carly Wiggett, who won £336,277 with her friend Becky Witt. She told the operator they teamed up because her horoscope told her too, and Witt's horoscope told her to play the lottery. She said they had been talking about "holidays and houses and stuff."

A National Lottery spokesperson said, "Listening to our players react to the news of a big win is the best part of our job!... We have had hilarious reactions from screaming down the phone line, the sound of cheering from work mates, to waiting for one caller to run round the garden before continuing the conversation!"

The Sunday Times rich list 2013

The Sunday Times rich list 2013

What should you do

Most of us dream about the moment our numbers come up if we play the lottery. However, we have no idea how we would react, or what we would say or do.

Camelot recognises it can be a turbulent time, and says anyone who wins over £50,000 should call Camelot. For those who win over £500,000 Camelot will give them the chance to meet with a financial adviser and a legal adviser - and will offer to stay in touch over a longer period.

A spokeswoman for Camelot told AOL: "We will arrange for them to meet with the experts within two weeks of the win, and we tell people not to do anything before they have spoken to the experts."

"In the interim we suggest they go on holiday and think about what they want from the money. They need to consider things like whether they want an income from it and to live fairly carefully, or whether they want to carry on working and use the money to treat themselves. They need to think about all these things before they start spending."

You can hear those clips in full here.

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