Fancy a Magnum for 10p? Tesco price glitch


56 boxes of ice creams

Avid deal-hunters have spotted another price glitch at Tesco. In this case the clash of two deals has brought down the cost of Fabs, Cornettos, Smarties ice creams, Magnums and Mars ice creams by an astonishing 88%.

So what is the deal, and can you take advantage?

The glitch

The deal was spotted by users of Yesterday afternoon, a user calling themselves k1125ty posted the deal, which was working at the local Tesco Express.

The glitch came about as a result of the fact that there are two deals on the ice creams at the moment. The first is a 2 for £3 deal on the ice creams themselves, and the other is a deal offering 2 for £3 on either pizza or ice cream. At the till, the price is being reduced to 31p a pack. Given that the Magnums normally sell for £2.69 a pack, that's quite a bargain.

Soon afterwards, users started reporting their money-saving shopping exploits. One bought 18 ice creams for £1.86, another bought 36 for £3.72. Impressively user buddy 87 posted a photograph of 300 ice creams - which he'd bought for £17.36, making a saving of £122.64.

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Can you take advantage?

By late evening, some of the stores were aware of the glitch. In a few instances they emptied the freezers, but in others they simply told staff to over-ride it at the till. It meant that those buying from the self-scanning machines were still able to get the deal.

During today more stores are becoming aware of the problem, and some stores have run out of the ice creams altogether. However, by early afternoon on Wednesday, users were still reporting some success.

Some users claim it's not worth slogging round your local Express supermarket in pursuit of the deal, while others highlights that on the more expensive ice creams, like magnums, two boxes for £3 is still a saving of £2.38 - which isn't a bad consolation.

But what do you think? Is it worth the effort for a bargain?

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