Car fuel costs £15 a month more



Drivers are spending an average of £14.64 more a month on fuel than a year ago, according to a survey.

As a result ,as many as 73% have taken positive steps to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, the poll by Sainsbury's Bank Car Insurance found.

A total of 42% of drivers are shopping around for petrol and diesel, while 39% are driving less, 29% are driving more slowly and 26% are ensuring their tyres are properly inflated.

In addition, 19% have cut down on excess weight in their car by removing any heavy items from the boot before setting off and 17% have made efforts not to leave the engine running when stationary.
The economy measures also include 3% who have started car-sharing with friends, family and colleagues to go to work, while 2% have removed bike and roof racks from their cars.

Emily Fleming of Sainsbury's Car Insurance said: "Taking small steps, such as making sure you're not carrying around unnecessary items in your car or making sure your tyres are properly inflated, can help to make your fuel go further."

A total of 2,007 UK adults took part in the survey.

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