Why has Kate Moss made more money as she ages?


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At the age of 39, model Kate Moss has seen her earnings triple. It seems counter-intuitive in an industry like fashion where youth and perfection are the all-important factors in securing major payouts.

However, Moss has seen her earnings soar by cashing in on the fact she has become a 'brand'.

The Daily Telegraph discovered her earnings by trailing through records at Companies House. It found that her Tilly Church company made £8 million in the last year (up from £4.5 million). Meanwhile her Skate LLP company made £3.8 million - up from £2.4 million a year earlier. In all she made £11.72 million - almost triple the figure she made a year earlier.

While a good portion of her income will still come from fashion shoots and catwalk shows, the real boom in her income is from long term endorsement deals, including those with Rimmel and Topshop.

These have led to a number of collaborations, including her own line of lipsticks for Rimmel and collections at Topshop and Longchamp. Recently she also launched a range for Carphone Warehouse - although the income from this venture will not appear in the figures until next year.

In fact, as Vogue reported, her income may well be set to increase again next year, because alongside Carphone Warehouse, she has also published her own book, and signed deals to promote Stuart Weitzman, Versace, Givenchy, Matchless and St Tropez.


She has made the leap from model to brand, which is a reasonably well-trod path. Elle McPherson's step to swimwear and lingerie designer has kept her well heeled despite hitting the grand old age of 49. Heidi Klum, meanwhile, has a sports range for New Balance among her high-profile endorsements and TV presenting stints, which mean she has a $70 million business empire at the age of 40.

In fact, while the Forbes list of the highest-earning supermodels is dominated by girls in their 20's, the list of richest models is dominated by older models. There are two women in their early 30s, 33-year old Gisele at number 1 and 32-year-old Adriana Lima in 10th place.

The rest range between 37 and 59. Tyra Banks is second (39), Christine Brinkley third (59), Kate Moss fourth (39), Heidi Klum fifth (40), Elle Macpherson sixth (49), Claudia Schiffer seventh (42), Naomi Campbell eighth (43), and Milla Jovovich ninth (37).

It seems that for a rare few, there is life after 35 in the fashion business.

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Celebrities with unusual business interests