Thief dresses as woman to foil jeweller


Vasile Bogdan

Vasile Bogdan, a 35-year-old Romanian jewel thief, has been jailed for his part in a number of thefts from jewellery shops in London and Birmingham. His role was to dress as a woman, to act as a decoy while the rest of the gang entered the store.

So how was he caught, and is this the strangest criminal disguise?

The Telegraph reported that Bogdan dressed in a black wig and fur coat for his decoy role. He would enable the gang to gain entry to the stores and then act as a look-out.

The police initially throughout they were looking for a woman until a witness to one of the crimes saw him retire to a coffee shop and take the disguise off. He was caught at the scene of the gang's fifth robbery. The BBC reported that gold worth more than £300,000 was taken during the robberies.

Detective Constable Darren Guntrip, told the Telegraph that "Tootsie would have been proud" of the disguise.

Bogdan has been jailed for ten years, after it emerged that he flew back and forth from his home in Eastern Europe to carry out the robberies with the rest of the gang.

Odd disguises

It's a bizarre disguise, but Bogdan would have to go to some lengths to challenge the very best extraordinary criminal disguises.

Last month, we reported on the gang of conmen who dressed as women in order to charm themselves into the homes of elderly victims and then convince them to hand over bank cards and PINs.

In June we reported the weird case of the thief who tried to rob a petrol station in St Austell using a see-through plastic bag over his head as a disguise.

Earlier this year there was a Louisianna man who tried to rob a restaurant with a bucket on his head as a disguise. However, he kept having to lift the bucket up to see where he was going.

Then there was the man in Kentucky who tried to rob an off licence in 2007 with duct tape wrapped round his face as a disguise. He was apprehended by an employee, and got so hot that the tape lost its stickiness and fell off.

Finally, there's the famous duo in Iowa who drew masks onto their faces with marker pen in order to disguise themselves for a robbery in 2009. They were caught with the permanent marker still drawn on their faces.

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