Laundry worker in a spin at £1m win



A launderette worker has cleaned up after winning a £1 million EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize.

Susan Corley, 59, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, said she has no plans to give up work after scooping the prize in the special draw on July 26, when 100 millionaires were created across the UK.

Mrs Corley, who has worked at Balderton Dry Cleaners and Launderette for 15 years, said the cash means she and her husband of 42 years, James, will now not have to worry about money.

She said: "I love my work and my colleagues are great. This win means we can have financial security - James and I can buy a new bungalow, I can buy my son a house and I can put money in trust for my grandchild."
She was getting ready for work on the Saturday morning when she turned on the television to see the EuroMillions results and thought she would have a look because there were 100 millionaires made.

She said: "I looked at the Raffle code, looked again, put my glasses on to look at them, then took my glasses off and checked them again thinking this can't be right... I've won."

She then asked her husband to take a look.

"He saw I had the same mix of letters and numbers and told me 'I think we are millionaires'," she said.

An excited Mrs Corley went to Balderton Post Office en route to work to check the ticket.

She said: "The chap usually checks the ticket, it usually isn't a winner and he throws it away for me.

"This time he whispered to me that he had to give me the ticket back and that I should ring Camelot.

"He asked me how much did I think I had won and I shouted out, because no- one was in the shop at the time, 'a million pounds'.

"I got to work and told my boss, Karen, and we both started screaming and then had to calm down as I made the call to the National Lottery Line as soon as it opened at 9am.

"After they told me I had a winning ticket and that someone would be coming out to validate the ticket we carried on working, although the rest of the day was a little blurred."

Mrs Corley has a son, Darren, who lives in Warrington, and one grandchild.

She said she has no plans to dash out and spend but wants to relax and think how to best use the money to benefit her loved ones.

She added: "It is business as usual, I'm just going to chill and see what happens.

"I know what I want to spend it on but I'm not going to rush. I want to keep my feet firmly on the ground."

Mrs Corley is a regular player of National Lottery games. She buys a Lotto ticket on Saturdays, buys EuroMillions tickets when there are special draws and is a member of her work syndicate.

Her lucky winning ticket was bought from Balderton Post Office and the winning EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle code on July 27 was CBK579391.

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