An open invitation for burglars...



Two out of five homeowners have inadvertently left their front doors open or unlocked when dashing out, leaving the house in danger of being burgled, according to new research.

A survey of 2,250 adults showed that one in 10 of those who had not locked their door properly had been burgled.

The study by insurance firm More Th>n also found that the average householder will leave their front door open five times in their adult lives, although a minority admitted they had not locked up properly five times in the past year.

Most of those guilty of the security lapse blamed rushing to get to work, or being absent-minded.
A separate study by More Th>n, simulating a front door being left open, found that passers-by took less than three minutes to notice.

Matthew Poll, of More Th>n, said: "When you're in a rush and your mind is on other things, it can be easy to forget something as small as checking that the front door is completely shut and locked when you leave.

"However, as our research has shown, such absent-mindedness can put your home in danger of being burgled within a matter of minutes."

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