Barclaycard launches longest-ever 0% balance transfer credit card

BarclaycardBarclaycard has dealt another blow to rivals in the balance transfer market by extending its 27-month 0% card by one month.

The new 28-month card is the longest ever 0% balance transfer card on offer. It has a fee of 3.5% on any loan transferred over.

Barclaycard has also ramped up the offering on its 26-month card - extending it by one month to 27 months. This card has a 2.99% fee and both changes secure the provider's place firmly at the top of the tables.

Barclaycard 0% deals
The two new Barclaycard deals are very attractive for borrowers who need a long time to pay off their debt. During the 0% period, borrowers won't have to pay any interest and can instead focus on paying off their debts.

What's more, both of these cards also offer 0% new purchase deals that will last for six months.
That said, Barclaycard's move isn't terribly surprising. Every time a rival provider improves its 0% offer, Barclaycard has reacted with a counter-offer that has almost always put it straight back at the top of the market.

It is now the only provider offering a 28-month balance transfer card. RBS, NatWest and Tesco all have 27-month cards but these cards all have higher fees.

Our comparison tables give a fuller view of the market but here I've listed the five balance transfer cards with the longest 0% periods:


0% period

Balance transfer fee

Fee paid on £2,000 transfer

Representative APR after 0% period ends

Barclaycard 28-Month Platinum Visa

28 months




Barclaycard 27-Month Platinum Visa

27 months




NatWest Platinum MasterCard

27 months




RBS Platinum MasterCard

27 months




Tesco Clubcard Credit Card for Balance Transfers

27 months




Bear in mind that Barclaycard will only take on new customers. And the provider is also notorious for only accepting borrowers with an excellent credit score.

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Cards with lower fees
It's also worth bearing in mind that a 28-month 0% card isn't right for everyone. That's because you can pay much lower fees if you take out a card with a significantly shorter interest-free period.
Tesco, for example, only charges a 0.9% fee on its Tesco Clubcard Credit Card with Low Balance Transfer Fee. So, on a £2000 debt, you'd only have to pay an £18 fee.

Halifax and Lloyds TSB also offer low-fee cards at 1% which have 15 and 13-month 0% periods respectively.

So if you think you'll be able to pay off your credit card debt within a year, it makes much more sense to go for a low-fee card.

Compare the top balance transfer cards with low fees

How to use a balance transfer card
Balance transfer cards can be an excellent way of managing your debts and paying them off at a faster rate.

But they are only effective if used properly. That means you must make your minimum payment on time every month. If you don't do this, your 0% deal could be withdrawn, and you could also get a black mark on your credit score.

During the 0% period, it's also essential that you work to clear the debt on the card. High interest payments will kick in again if you haven't paid off all your debt during the 0% period, and you should be trying to avoid any further interest payments on your credit card debt.

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