Andy Murray to feature on commemorative Royal Mail stamps



The Royal Mail doesn't rush into making a set of commemorative stamps. Unless you're royalty, a particularly appealing animal, or Santa, then you're going to have to do something pretty special to earn yourself a commemorative set.

So who has achieved something special enough? And will it prove a good investment?

Andy Murray

Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon Men's Singles win this year was the first for Britain since Fred Perry won it 77 years ago - and the Royal Mail is issuing a set of stamps to celebrate. There will be four stamps, with different images from the final - including two of Murray with the trophy.

It's actually the second of his achievements to be commemorated in stamp form, after his Olympic win was rewarded with one of the issue of Gold Medal stamps.

The set will be on sale from 8 August online or in 10,000 Post Offices, and will cost £3.76. But will they be a good investment?


There are three keys to value in the stamp world: demand, quality and rarity.

It's fairly unusual to have a sporting achievement marked in stamps. Andrew Hammond, Managing Director, Stamps and Collectibles at Royal Mail, said: "Andy's stamp joins just a handful of special stamps we have issued to mark unique moments in British sporting history, including the next day Gold Medal stamps for London 2012, England's Ashes and football and rugby World Cup wins."

However, we can expect this set to be bought in huge numbers, so unless you hang onto your stamps for decades, it's unlikely to be worth more than you paid for it, as supply is likely to vastly outweigh demand for the foreseeable future.

If you want to take the risk - or leave it to your great great grandchildren to cash in - you need to ensure it is stored carefully, as any damage will destroy any lingering value.

Finally, it may be worth considering a sporting collection. Given that there are relatively few sporting stamps around, it could form the basis of an interesting themed collection, including everything from the Olympic Golds to the World Cup winners in 1966. If you managed to put together a full set, it would be both relatively rare, and very popular, so there's every chance there could be some real value in that.

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