Deal hunters find high street bikini for just 66p



Bargain hunters have found a way to get an H&M bikini for just 66p. The summer sales are always a great time for a bargain, and the bikini in question was already substantially reduced to just £4. However, some deal-hunters don't stop with a simple discount - and one used a technique known as stacking to reduce the cost to 66p.

So how did she do it? And can you take advantage?

Stacking is the art of using a number of different discounts on the same purchase, to bring the price down enormously. The shopper in question was anna1213 from She bought the £4 bikini and a £2 bag in the sale (worth just under £30 before the sale). She then added a code for free delivery, and a separate code for £5 off the order. The vouchers brought the total to £1 - including a bikini for just 66p.

And this isn't the only stackable deal doing the rounds during the sales. There's also the 50% sale at Debenhams, which can be stacked with BOGOF deal on knickers. One user got 20 pairs of knickers for £7, including delivery - which is a saving of £28.

Can you take advantage?

It's worth bearing in mind that deals aren't always stackable. If your voucher says it is not valid with any other promotion then you can only use one deal at a time.

In other instances, the deals will only work if they are used in the right order, and input reasonably quickly. It may also depend on the browser you are using. The comments on both of these deals are filled with the experiences of other users - in some instances saying they got an equally great deal, and in others saying theirs was refused because they did something slightly different.

However, it's always worth a try.

The best way to stay on top of deals is through a deal hunting website. Many of these also have apps, which you can use when you're in store to pinpoint the best deals. Try to find as many deals as possible, using as many different deal sites as you like - and apply them to your shopping. If at first your attempt is rejected, it's worth trying them in a different order just in case.

Finally, if you want to buy something specific and you haven't seen a discount on it, just ask. Many deal-hunting websites have forums where members can request certain deals and the rest of the community is happy to help them out.