Special EuroMillions raffle to create 100 new millionaires

The National Lottery is running another special raffle which will boost the number of winners receiving £1 million prizes.

Next Friday the EuroMillions raffle will make 100 people in the UK instant millionaires.

The special format follows on from a similar raffle held last year in honour of the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics.

The 'Millionaire Raffle' is open to anyone who buys a ticket for the EuroMillions draw taking place on Friday 26th July.

The EuroMillions raffle
Each person who buys a EuroMillions line will also be given a selection of three letters and six numbers which make up the raffle entry. If these match the same selection picked out of the draw then you'll be in line for a cash prize of £1 million.

Although the EuroMillions lottery is played across nine different countries, the raffle is only available in the UK. Tickets cost £2 to take part and if you are lucky enough to win both the EuroMillions and the Raffle, you're entitled to keep both!

Last year in the Olympic Raffle 97 people came forward to claim their £1 million price which broke the World Record for the most millionaires created in one night through a single draw.

Since the start of the National Lottery in 1994 more than 3,300 people have become millionaires or multi-millionaires. However, by the nature of the raffle there are no guarantees and it's total pot luck who wins.

For more information on how it works check out our article How to win more from the lottery.

Unclaimed lottery prizes
It's the responsibility of the winners to claim their prizes and there are frequent cases of million-pound prizes left unclaimed. There are deadlines for receiving the money and if no one comes forward in a given time this money is returned to the National Lottery pot.

Right now, for example, a ticket worth £6,053,028 has yet to be claimed which was bought in Rhondda Cynon Taf in South Wales. Therefore if you do play the game, make sure you check your numbers after the draw to make sure you're not losing out.

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