Boots recalls tanning sprays over safety fears



Boots has issued a warning to anyone who has bought either of two bronzing sprays: one under the Seventeen brand (which is aimed at teenagers), and one branded as Soltan. It is warning that in a small number of cases the sprays can pose a safety issue.

So what is the problem, and what can you do?

Boots has put out a product recall for Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Spray and Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash-Off Bronzer. It said in a statement: "In a very small number of cases it has been found that there's a possible safety issue to our customers." It has advised customers to stop using it immediately.

An estimated 13,000 of these products have been sold, so it's worth checking if you have any tucked away in the bathroom cabinet.

The recall

Oddly, it chose not to outline the nature of the 'safety issue' in its recall notice. Boots has a somewhat erratic approach to how much information it gives in any recall. When it recalled its hot water bottles previously it referred to a 'potential safety issue' without offering details, whereas when it recalled a travel kettle, it was quite clear that the problem was a faulty switch which could cause the kettle to over-boil.

The omission is not necessarily an alarming sign. When it recalled Barry M nail varnishes in May it didn't offer details of the 'safety issue'. However, Barry M clarified things on its Facebook page, saying that some bottles had been over-filled which could mean they cracked.

The Telegraph reported insiders as claiming there were a small number of 'respiratory issues' when the product was used in a confined space, while another user had suffered a reaction after using the product on their face. The source emphasised it was purely a precautionary measure.

What can you do?

Whatever the safety issue turns out to be, if you have bought either of these products you can return them to the store where you bought them for an exchange or refund. If you bought it for someone else you will need to let them know, and encourage them to return it to store. If you have any concerns you can call customer services on 0800 915 0004.

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