Unknown £1.69 moisturiser flies off the shelves


Bottle O'Butter

A bottle of moisturising lotion called Bottle O'Butter, is making waves in the beauty world. Despite its brash packaging, and cheap-as-chips price tag, the lotion is said to be pleasant to use, and highly effective.

The hype has begun, and we know from experience what will happen next.


The product started to gain traction after columnist India Knight wrote about it in the Sunday Times at the beginning of June, and started a run on the product. She bought it from a Dalston branch of Pak Cosmetics, an Afro-Caribbean beauty chain, and after her rave reviews, she reported on Twitter that supplies had run out.

When the Daily Mail went on the hunt in West London for an article out today, it found just one bottle on the shelves.

Not the first

This isn't the first time publicity for a lesser-known beauty product has caused it to fly off the shelves.

As we reported on Friday, there was the Aldi £1.89 night cream which won a blind test on How to Look Good Naked in 2008, which caused a run on stores. Some sold out completely, while others rationed customers to one tube each.

There was also the Aldi face cream for £3.49 which took the top spot in a survey by the Sunday Mirror in 2010, and caused a massive spike in demand - with sales increasing 1,581%.

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What next?

Experience shows that when a product like this sells out, people will soon start to cash in. At the moment only a handful of ebay users are selling the Bottle O'Butter online, with prices reaching as high as £10 a bottle. Meanwhile, one Amazon user is trying their luck at £29.99 plus delivery.

The prices this will eventually reach will depend on whether the hype continues and the supplies remain low. In 2007, Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum sold out in a day after being featured on a BBC documentary. The company limited purchases to one per customer, and it was said to have been changing hands on eBay for £75.

Of course, we also know that this will be a short-term phenomenon. Either the product will catch on, and supplies will increase again - and be available at mainstream shops across the country. Or people will simply move on to the next big thing, which promises to do more to keep them looking younger.

If you want to get your hands on a bottle of this moisturiser, it may pay to wait rather than pay through the nose online - either it will show up in your local supermarket - or in a couple of weeks everyone will be talking about something else for you to spend your money on.

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