MPs call for cut to teen mum housing benefit


Teenage mothers should live with their parents instead of receiving housing benefits, a group of Tory MPs have said today.

Other measure suggested by the 40-strong group in a policy paper to David Cameron include a cut to child benefit for parents of children who regularly commit truancy.

The ideas are part of a pamphlet put together by the 40 Group, which represents Tory MPs from the 40 the most marginal constituencies.

The paper, which has been seen by the BBC and is due to be published soon, covers a diverse range of policy areas and has taken a year to compile.

Others suggestions include a cap on non-EU students in UK universities and a crack down on wind farms.

Controversial move
Among the most radical measures is the proposal to reduce housing benefits for teenage mothers. The group believes that the move would help to reduce pregnancy rates by dispelling the impression that youngsters are automatically entitled to free housing if they have a child.

According to, the document reads: "All benefits to teenage mothers should be made on the condition of them living with their parents or in supervised hostel accommodation."

The Tory MPs admitted their proposals on benefits for teenage mothers were "controversial", but they said a "more radical approach" was needed to get pregnancy rates down.

Teenage pregnancies
In a foreward to the book, Mr Cameron says the ideas are "interesting" and "valuable", but added that party members would have "inevitably different views" about them.

Tory MP James Morris, a member of the 40 Group, told the BBC: "There has been a lot of progress made on teenage pregnancy over the last few years; we still have high rates in comparison with our European partners, so I think it's one thing that the Government should be looking at and the Conservative party should be looking at as we look forward to further welfare reform."

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