Beach hut in Dorset for sale with £200,000 price tag


A Dorset beach hut has gone on the market for £200,000 – despite being just slightly larger than a garage and having no running water or electricity.

So how do beach huts like this manage to command such high prices?

It's simple location, location, location that puts these coveted seafront properties at a premium. While a proper residential property in many seaside locations may be completely out of budget, the beach hut provides a more affordable solution for a slice of coastal living.

Beach huts are favoured for their nostalgic link to the British seaside, and date back more than 250 years. Many modern huts are beautifully decorated inside and out, and renovated to include all the basic amenities required for a short stay.

The Dorset hut in question - a leasehold property at Mudeford near Christchurch - has four beds and a kitchen with gas fridge, solar lighting and small cooker.

The owner, who purchased the property 10 years ago for £57,000, told BBC South Today: "When the sun comes out, it's hard to beat being here."

Sales listings on show a wide range of properties on the market, from the modest such as a £5,750 hut in Southcliffe, Essex – to the high-end such as a two-bedroom 1930s chalet overlooking Bay St Ives in Cornwall for £120,000.