Biggest Loser sued by fitness firm for weight gain


Tara Costa

Tara Costa became a household name in the US when she appeared on The Biggest Loser: Couples 2 in 2009. She lost an incredible 155lbs, and signed a contract with FC Online Marketing, which owns

However, reports are claiming that the marketing firm is now suing her for gaining weight.

The row

The contract is said to be worth $45,000 - for her image and likeness. According to TMZ, the firm is arguing that as part of its contract, Costa had to maintain a particular "level of fitness and conditioning". It claims that by 2011, she had gained too much weight to represent the company. Recent Twitter photos of her show she has lost weight again.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the firm is suing her for damages in the US District Court in Florida, although Costa was not available for comments.

Top 10 expensive celebrity mistakes

Top 10 expensive celebrity mistakes

Celebrities who have lost endorsement deals

We will have to wait to see what happens in this case, but Costa wouldn't be the only celebrity to have lost an endorsement deal. In some cases, the loss can be far more public and embarrassing too. Here are our top 10:

10. Kate Moss was temporarily dropped by H&M, Chanel and Burberry in 2005 after being photographed snorting cocaine. She doesn't make it higher up this list because it doesn't seem to have done her career any long-lasting damage.

9. Madonna had a deal with Pepsi back in 1989, but after her Like A Prayer video they realised she was just a bit risky for the brand

8. Martin Clunes used to be the face of Churchill car insurance. Unfortunately, after accumulating too many points on his licence he was given a ban, and the car insurance company dropped him.

7. Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho lost his deal with Coca-Cola after appearing at an Athletico Minerio press conference with a can of Pepsi. The mistake cost the footballer £1 million.

6. Ronaldinho wasn't the first to fall foul of a coke company. In 2002 Pepsi decided to phase out Britney Spears in favour of Beyonce, partly because Britney had been photographed once too often drinking Coke.

5. Chris Brown lost two endorsements - the 'got milk' campaign and Wrigleys, after he admitted assaulting his then-girlfriend Rhianna in 2009.

4. Kerry Katona was dropped by Iceland in 2009, after photographs appeared in the tabloids which appeared to show her taking drugs.

3. OJ Simpson was known for his Hertz adverts in the US (as well as being a football star of course). After he was accused of murder, despite not being convicted, the relationship came to a very sudden end.

2. Tiger Woods is said to have lost around $22 million in endorsements in 2010, when news of his affairs destroyed his clean-cut image at a stroke.

1. The top spot goes to Lance Armstrong, who was quickly dropped by Nike after he admitted to doping during his many Tour de France wins.

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