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Dear Fixer,
I have just got a new job that requires me to use my own car to visit clients.

My new employer has told me that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have the necessary insurance in place.

I have fully comprehensive insurance with Admiral, which is up for renewal in September. Will this provide the cover I need, or do I need a specialist policy?

T Chalmers, Birmingham

Dear Mr Chalmers,

A standard car insurance policy covers your car for "social, domestic and personal" use, which includes everyday driving such as going to the supermarket and visiting friends.

If you use your car to commute to and from the same office every day, a standard car insurance policy should also be sufficient.

However, as you are going to be using your own car to visit clients as part of your new job, it is essential to take out a business car insurance policy. Otherwise, any future claims could be rejected.

It is worth contacting Admiral to see what it can do for you. Many insurers offer business or company car insurance as an add-on to standard policies, which could be a good solution for the next couple of months at least.

But don't forget to compare its offer with the rest of the market before saying yes, especially from September onwards.

The Fixer

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