Man finds old chewing gum in sandwich


A Suffolk man's breakfast was ruined this week when he bit into his shop-bought sandwich to find a lump of old chewing gum.

The nasty surprise was found in a BLT sandwich, purchased from the Co-op petrol station in Hopton-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth.

Alex Moughton, 21, who picked up the sandwich on his way to work, told the Eastern Daily Press: "I bit into the sandwich and immediately tasted something minty.

"I immediately spat it out. I saw it but I couldn't believe what it was. It made me feel sick."

Mr Moughton immediately called the customer helpline on the back of the sandwich packaging and is now sending sandwich back to the Co-op for the supermarket giant to investigate.

Under investigation
According to the Daily Mail, a Co-operative Food group spokesman said: 'We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and take any complaints seriously.

'We have received a complaint from a customer that a foreign object was found in a sandwich bought from our store in Hopton-on-Sea.

'We have apologised to the customer and will keep him informed of progress.'

Foreign bodies
Disgusting as it is, old chewing gum is among the less bizarre objects to be found in convenience foods purchased from supermarkets.

Back in February we reported how a Manchester mother found a used, bloodied syringe in a loaf she had bought from Tesco. A court heard that the needle had been pushed through the wrapper while the bread was on the shelf. The culprit was tracked down through the DNA to a 61-year-old man who was trying to hide his heroin habit from his wife.

In March we reported that a North London woman found a dead beetle in a Marks and Spencer's ready meal. The 29-year-old found the inch long bug in a ready-to-cook meal of smoked mackerel, new potatoes and beetroot. M&S refunded the meal and offered a £15 voucher as a goodwill gesture.

Last year we covered the story of a dead mouse found sliced into a sandwich purchased from Tesco. The mother-of-two who made the gruesome discovery said she thought the darker meat in the sandwich was burned bacon - it was only after she took a bite that she discovered it was a sliced, furry creature. The Stockport women was given £10 in compensation.

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