Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies


Freebie Friday

Freebies this week include a meal for anyone in the armed forces and a razor for anyone aged 17-21. Young squaddies are going to be laughing.

For everyone else there are some surprising bargains on sale furniture, up to 40% off electricals including Skullcandy headphones and £5 off a massive range of toys.

Free carvery for armed forces

Users of have posted that for Armed Forces Day on Saturday, Crown Carvery is offering a free meal to anyone who can show a current ID card or veteran's lapel-badge. You'll need to sign up for the email newsletter, and in return you'll get the voucher, which you'll need to take with you when you go.

10% of furniture sale prices

Multiyork, the furniture store, is having its summer sale. And while a furniture shop with a sale is unlikely to come as a huge shock, you can get an extra 10% off with this vouchercode from It means, for example, that a sofa originally priced at £1,120 is reduced on the site to £549, but you can get it for £494. The code is valid until the end of June.

10% off electricals

The website, I Want One Of Those, is having a sale on electricals until the end of June. If you enter the code 10ELECs you'll get the deal, and as points out, the saving is higher on certain items - 25% on some Skullcandy headphones and up to 40% off some Knomo iPhone cases.

Free Gillette razor

Gillette is offering free Fusion ProGlide Razors through its Facebook page. The hitch is that you have to be aged 17-21, but if you fit the target market, you can simply complete your details on its Facebook page and it will send you the £6 razor in the post.

£5 off ToysRUs

ToysRUs is offering a £5 off voucher when you spend £30 or more before 30 June. It can be used online or instore, you just visit the site and either use the code online or print off the voucher and take it to the shop. And if this inspires your enthusiasm for brightly-coloured plastic, the store is also offering another voucher, giving the same discount for all of July and August.