Forbes most powerful celebrities revealed


Forbes has released its 2013 list of the world's most powerful celebrities and their number one is a familiar face who is no stranger to the list.

Oprah Winfrey regained first place at the head of the list, heading a top 10 of six women and four men.

Oprah spent two years in second place but finally regained her crown on her fifth appearance in the annual ranking of 100 celebrities, raking in $77 million (£50 million) from June 2012 to 2013 in earnings.

According to The Telegraph, Dorothy Pomerantz of said: "There is nobody else with that kind of consistency and power.

"There are only three people who have been on every single one of our lists since 1999. It is Oprah, Howard Stern and Steven Spielberg."

She wasn't the highest earning celebrity on the list however, that accolade went to Madonna who, despite only coming in fifth place, made $125 million last year.

Singers dominated the top five with Lady Gaga in second place, followed by director Steven Spielberg, and Beyoncé and Madonna rounding off the top five.

Last year's first place, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, dropped out of the top 10 into 12th place.

See the full top ten here:

Forbes most powerful celebrities list 2013

Forbes most powerful celebrities list 2013

Forbes based a celebrity's earnings on income from tours, books, contracts, endorsements, movies and residuals. Each celebrity's marketability score is calculated and their levels of fame and influence gauged by their appearances in the media. This rating system was developed by California market research firm E-Poll.

E-Poll used Starcount, a Singapore-based company that looks at 11 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to determine their presence in social media.

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