4-bed home just £25k... one small catch


Tor Cottage

The property has four bedrooms, and is in a spectacular part of Devon. It is apparently 'superbly refurbished' and has astonishing sea views. Unfortunately that's the problem... the sea views are just a bit too spectacular, as thanks to two recent land slips, the property is incredibly close to the edge of a cliff.

It's so close that it has been deemed unsafe to spend the night in, so is it worth £25,000?

View the gallery below to see how close the house is to the cliff:

Is this Britain's most dangerous street?

Is this Britain's most dangerous street?

The property

Tor Cottage really is a beautiful home, in a lovely part of the world. But any buyer would have to contend with the fact that the property is getting closer and closer to the edge of the cliff with every land slip. The house next door has already partly fallen into the sea, as we reported earlier this month.

The owners have moved out of the property - once worth £400,000 - and put it on the market with Graham Penny auctions. The auctioneers are marketing it as a 'very attractive extensively refurbished four bedroomed detached house in cul-de-sac cliff top position overlooking the sea", although it notes "we are aware that a neighbouring property has suffered severe subsidence. Currently there is a prohibition order on the property preventing permanent occupation."

Will it sell?

The auction takes place on 11 July. Auctioneer Graham Penny told AOL: "There will be a buyer because some people can't resist what they see as a bargain. I would think it would sell for a reasonable sum, but with a place like that you never know."

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If you bought the property, you could demolish it and strip it of its fittings to try to make a profit that way. Alternatively you could hold on and hope that nature takes a turn; that the cliff stops eroding; and that the property is deemed fit for occupation. Penny said: "It is clearly not going to get any better, but an optimist may hope that the coastal erosion will stop where it is."

Presumably you could bring King Canute in for that kind of work.

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