Tests find shocking result for iPhone 5



Research by Which? into the fastest smartphones on the market came up with a shocking result. The iPhone 5 was revealed to be the slowest of the five tested.

So why was it so slow, and if this is the case, why is it the best-selling of the phones tested?

The results

The study, reported on the Tech Daily blog, was designed to find which phone had the fastest processing speed. It pitched seven of the best-selling phones against each other, using a test known as Geekbench 2.

Which? says this measures processor and memory performance across smartphone platforms, to produce a single speed rating.

The winner, by quite some margin was the Samsung Galaxy S4, followed by the HTC One.The final positions were:

1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. HTC One
3. Sony Xperia Z
4. Google Nexus 4
5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
6. Blackberry Z10
7. Apple iPhone 5

The results will matter to those who multi-task on their phone, and don't want to see it struggle when it has a number of apps on the go at any one time.

Which? demonstrated that the Galaxy was far and away the fastest in the test. It also drew attention to the Google Nexus 4, which managed fourth place despite being over £200 cheaper than those that beat it on speed.

Does it matter?

So why is the iPhone 5 the best selling if it isn't the fastest?

It's worth pointing out that this test isn't perfect. It's difficult to mimic exactly the kind of multi-tasking you personally have in mind, and exactly the mobile operating system you use, so these results are not guaranteed to mirror any individual's experience exactly - just give a general rule of thumb.

But the reason the iPhone5 outsells the rest is because people are judging it on a huge breadth of things, rather than pure processing speed.

The tech savvy are weighing up things like functionality and features, the number and quality of apps available, reliability, battery life, and the efficiency of the platform. The less technologically able are looking for things like ease of use and support.

And there are a huge number of people who are simply loyal to the brand, who have been willing to forgive all sorts of things in the past - from less-than-perfect aerials to comparatively low resolution cameras - because they just like having an iPhone. This isn't just a piece of tech, it's a fashion accessory, so it's going to take more than one test of processing speed to persuade people to ditch their much-loved phones.

Beware the small print

Beware the small print

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