Latest Tesco price glitch: tic tacs for 1p


tic tac pyramid

tic tacs might not seem like the everyday shopping essential that you need to go hunting for at a knock-down price. But how about if you could get a box of 100 for 1p (usually priced at £1.25)?

Bargain hunters have identified a new price glitch at Tesco, which brings the price down to a penny - and one site user stocked up on 62 - a brilliant saving of £76.88.


The deal was highlighted by users of yesterday. The user, Bazinger, noted that the packs weren't highlighted as being on offer, and the shelf marked them up at £1.25, but at the till he had been charged 1p.

They were valid on the original flavour and orange and lime - although the spearmint and strawberry ones were being charged at full price.

There was originally some disagreement as to whether there was any proof of success, but shortly afterwards receipts started appearing, along with photos of huge stacks of tic tacs.

Great lengths

One user said: "Just bagged 14 packs in the Roe Lee branch in Blackburn. The guy confirmed the scan but advised me to go through the self checkouts so he wouldn't get a rollocking/the sack." Another said: "Just cleared the shelf in Tesco Extra Salisbury". A third user bought 12 and added: "Did think about cleaning the shelf but think I'll be sick of them. Someone else can fill their boots."

The glitch was still there today, with one user picking up a total of 62 in Cleethorpes this morning.

Can you take advantage?

As time wears on, this deal is less and less likely to work. At some stores around the country, users were reporting plenty still left on the shelves, others were sold out or the systems had been changed so they were scanning at £1.25.

In one instance, a user tried to put the sweets through the self-scanner, and the machine alerted a manager who insisted there had been an emergency recall. In other instances, staff putting the sweets through the till had spotted the price and refused to sell them. To improve your chances, some users are recommending self-scanners, to reduce the risk of staff spotting the mistake.

It seems, therefore, that if you happen to be passing, and you're a tic tac fan, it might be worth popping in just in case. Of course, whether you load up the trolley with 62 packets of mints is entirely up to you.

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