New cars 'should use less fuel'


petrol pump

Most people believe car manufacturers could make their vehicles more fuel-efficient, according to a new study.

Three out of four said more could be done to improve fuel efficiency, while 42% agreed that stricter fuel-efficiency standards were a good idea, a survey of more than 1,000 adults for Greenpeace found.

Sara Ayech, climate campaigner with Greenpeace, said: "The results from this research couldn't be any clearer.

"Unfortunately, as documents recently published by Greenpeace show, the coalition Government has failed to support European-wide legislation that would reduce polluting emissions.
"We have had four years of green rhetoric from the coalition Government. The time has now come for fewer words and a lot more action."

The report was published on the eve of a meeting at the EU, where member states will agree a position for final negotiations on car CO2 emissions.

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