Comedian fined £500 over a train ticket


Sean Lock

Comedian Sean Lock has been made to pay £770, after he was found using a first class train carriage when he only had a standard class ticket. According to prosecutors, he refused to pay for a first class ticket on the train: and was fined in his absence by the court.

So what happened, and is he the only celebrity to have suffered a transport disaster?


The incident happened last April, when Lock was travelling from Victoria to Littlehampton in a first class carriage. According to lawyers for the prosecution, after he refused to pay for a first class ticket, the train company took further action.

A report in the Daily Mail stated that Lock was sent two letters asking him to pay a fine or face court action. There was no response, so the train company went to court. This was the fifth time the case had been listed after a summons was sent to his old address.

Tower Bridge Magistrates Court told AOL that Lock was found guilty in his absence, and will have to pay a fine of £500 plus costs of £220 and a victim surcharge of £50.

Of course, we have not heard Lock's version of events. We have no idea whether he received any of the letters, or what happened on that train, so we cannot comment on what went on.

Transport headaches

However, he is not the only famous person to have run into transport difficulties.

Katie Price was banned from driving for a year (in August last year) after failing to respond to two speeding tickets. She told reporters it hadn't been her driving the car, and she hadn't seen the tickets because she doesn't open her own post. However, she was given six points on her licence, and as she already had six points she was banned for a year.

Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud was banned for six months in April this year, after being caught using her mobile phone while driving. She already had nine points on her licence, and the offence took her over the 12 point threshold. Harding had argued she was too famous to use public transport but the judge disagreed.

Martin Clunes, meanwhile was banned in 2012 after accumulating four separate speeding offences. Sadly for Clunes it meant he was dropped as the face of a car insurer as a result.

And most recently, Reece Witherspoon was fined for disorderly conduct in April, after trying to argue with police who had pulled her husband over for drink-driving. In her intoxicated state she may have gone a bit too far. She has since apologised on TV for the 'crazy' and 'disrespectful' things she said.

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