Coop staff find cocaine inside banana crates



Staff at a Coop in Denmark were somewhat surprised when they opened crates of bananas from Columbia, because nestling in among the fruit was 220lbs of cocaine. The company contacted the police and their banana supplier, but so far no arrests have been made.

So is this the strangest thing ever found at a supermarket?

According to The Mirror, the staff in Aarhus spotted that something was amiss when they realised that some crates were much heavier than others. It was when they opened them to investigate that they discovered the drugs.

A spokesman told the Guardian that more bags of cocaine were found in a separate shipment at the central depot in Copenhagen.

So is this the strangest supermarket find of all time?


We reported last week about the Londoner who found a tarantula in a supermarket box of bananas. Spiders seem to have found their way into banana shipments all over the country - from the Central American striped-knee spider in Clitheroe, to the banana spider in Edinburgh and the deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider in Chatham.

Spiders are also known to lurk in boxes of grapes, including a two-inch wolf spider crawling in supermarket grapes in a fridge in Fife in March. And even more horrifyingly, a black widow found in a bunch of grapes from Asda in Rickmansworth in 2005.


Other exotic wildlife is less likely to make the trip alive. However, it doesn't mean we're safe from shocking discoveries in the supermarket. In 2010, a corn snake was found wrapped around a pipe in a Spar in the Highlands - he had escaped months earlier from his owner who lived in the flat above the shop. A couple of years later another corn snake was left by a customer in the toilets at Tesco in Salford. It's not known whether it was left deliberately or not.


Then yesterday, we reported the horrible story of a severed deer head left on a till in a Safron Walden branch of Tesco. The innards were left in a nearby isle and the culprit remains at large.

While earlier this year we reported the horror of a mother who found a bloodied syringe in a loaf of bread she had bought from Tesco in Salford. A drug addict had apparently pushed it through the wrapper to hide his drug addition from his wife.

They are all pretty shocking things to find in a supermarket, but which qualifies as the strangest? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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