Duchess of Cambridge causes a run on a £17.50 dress


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is something of a clothing phenomenon. As soon as she wears a particular dress, it starts flying off the shelves and the retailer is forced to declare it a sell-out.

Now she has been seen in a £17.50 dress, so will it spark a stampede?


The dress is question is a navy maternity dress, which Middleton wore to shop for nursery designs in Chelsea last week. It is in the sale at Asos, reduced from £25 to £17.50, and the retailer has reported that it has sold thousands of the dresses since Middleton was seen in it. It told the Daily Mail that it was planning to cash in, and order more dresses in more colours.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, Middleton has a reputation for finding gems on the high street, including Topshop and Reiss. After Middleton wore one of its dresses for her official engagement photograph at the end of 2010, reports claims that shoppers had crashed the store's website in an effort to buy the sold-out dress.


Some famous faces have the power to sell, as thousands flock to emulate their style. Kate is one of the most powerful at the moment. The Reiss dress phenomenon was the first time it showed itself, however the same thing happened after she wore a Shola Reiss dress to meet Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace.

More recently she wore a white dress with black spots from Topshop to a tour of the Harry Potter studios (pictured). The dress sold out within an hour.

She is not the only one with this power to sell. Holly Willoughby caused a rush for a dress from Peacocks in March 2010 after wearing it on This Morning, and Kate Moss drove massive demand for a Primark cape in 2011 after wearing it to the Isle of Wight Festival.

Perhaps the most famous face with the power to sell is Delia Smith. She isn't noted for her fashion credentials, but has the power to sell pans by the lorryload just through a simple recommendation.

Smith has cashed in on this ability, with a number of endorsements and a range of cookery products. The question is whether Middleton would ever dabble in her own range, or whether she has her hands a bit full at the moment expanding the royal family.

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