Can you find Fern Britton's engagement ring?


Fern Britton with Philip Schofield

Fern Britton may be a national treasure, but she's also only human. She has appealed for help in finding her engagement ring after she admitted leaving it in the toilets at a restaurant yesterday.

But in the world of careless celebrities Britton is just a beginner.

The ring

The South West News Service reported that Britton was filming an episode of The Antiques Roadshow in Brixham Devon, when she accidentally left her ring in the toilets of a local restaurant, Saxty's.

On her return home, she called the restaurant to see if it had been handed in, and when it failed to show up, she put out an appeal in a local paper, the Torquay Herald Express. She described the ring as being white gold with a single diamond and "two little bumps inside the band to stop it from spinning on my finger"

It was her engagement ring, which she was given by her husband Phil Vickery when they married in 2000. Anyone with any information has been asked to tweet @Fern_Britton.

Some cynics may assume the ring is gone for good, but Britton can take some comfort from the tale this week of an 11-year-old girl who found a ring engraved with the name Kay on an Irish beach. Her mother started a Twitter campaign to find its owner, and yesterday newlywed Kay McGrath from Co Tipperary was reunited with her wedding ring.

Not alone

Britton may also be relieved to hear that she is far from the only celebrity to have lost jewellery - and the value of some of the missing items is astonishing.

Goldie said in an interview in 2010 that he had lost a £40,000 gold bracelet in a hotel and a £60,000 watch in a fight in the West End - which makes an engagement ring seem like small potatoes.

Courtney Love, meanwhile, was loaned £67,000 of jewellery. She sent it back but it got lost in transit, and after a legal spat a judge ruled she was responsible for providing recompense to the jeweller. They settled out of court.

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks lost a $850,000 bracelet fairly publicly - walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes. She even asked reporters to help her look for it. A member of staff apparently found it and handed it in.

Kim Kardashian took things one step further, and lost her cool with her husband on her reality TV show, after she lost a $75,000 diamond earring when she was thrown off a jetty into the sea.