A box of Thorntons chocolates for 1p?


Tesco Express

Savvy deal-hunters have been scouring their local Tesco Express for boxes of Thorntons Classic 499g chocolates. They're not marked as costing 1p, but when they are put through the checkout, that's exactly what they're coming up as.

So what's going on, and can you take advantage?

The deal

The incredible deal was reported by users of moneysavingexpert and Hotukdeals.com. Some said that the chocolates were marked as discontinued, and others said that they were marked at the full price of £13.99. It is only when the chocolates are scanned at the till that the 1p price emerges.

If you want to take advantage, you'll need to pop into your local Tesco Express and put them through the till. You'll also have to be prepared for disappointment, as not all the chocolates come out at the discounted price.

The deal was first spotted a few days ago by HotUKDeals users, but people are still reporting that it's working, and there are still plenty on the shelves in a number of stores. Some deal-hunters are also suggesting using the self-scanning tills, as some staff have withdrawn the chocolates from sale when they discovered the price.

Why has this happened?

There are a couple of possible reasons for the price. The first is that they may be discontinued stock. In this case the price will be gradually marked down, and in some instances can go as low as 1p. Hotukdeals.com reported chocolate rabbits and Easter eggs for 1p in Tesco just after Easter. Given that a lot of these Thorntons boxes have hearts on them, there's a chance that they have been left over after Valentines Day.

The price seems odd, but for a store, being able to sell a product at any price rather than throwing it away is important. Products which are destroyed or stolen come out of a 'shrink' budget, which will be one of the targets the individual store is given. If they can sell the product - even for just 1p - they'll make a loss on the sale but it won't impact their shrink budget. In many cases heavily reduced items will be sold to staff, but in some instances, they make it to the shelves.

The other possibility is a basic pricing glitch, which Tesco is no stranger to either. Usually glitches appear when products are subject to one or more offers, but it's perfectly possible for human error to have crept into the system even with an item that's meant to be for sale at full price.

Whatever the reason, it may be worth keeping an eye out for the glitch if you happen to be in Tesco, and let us know how you get on.

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