Poll: Fine art 'a good investment'

Fine art is a more attractive proposition for investors than stocks and shares, a survey showed.

The research found more than a third of people (35%) regarded paintings as a good long-term investment compared to just over a quarter (27%) who put their trust in the money markets.

The survey of 1,015 adults was commissioned by Artfinder, an online market place for selling art.

Artfinder boss Jonas Almgren said: "Art offers people the chance to buy something that they can enjoy for a long time and that can become part of their home, not just something to invest in.
"For those who are looking for advice on what to purchase for the long-term, limited edition prints, which can be snapped up for as little as £25 from a contemporary artist, could actually turn out to be as good an investment as buying oil paintings from unknown artists."

He said one of the biggest mistakes people made was buying art just as an investment, adding: "The art market is fickle, and it's not easy to buy and sell artworks quickly.

"So buy it because you love it and not because you feel you should."

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