Perth & Ilford - best and worst car crime

Ilford and Romford have been crowned the UK's top car crime hotspots - locations where you're most likely to have your car nicked. West London is third in line behind the Essex towns. Outside London and Essex, Huddersfield and Leeds also do badly.

We'll look at the detail. But first, where are the places where your car is safest?

Perfect Perth?

According to Money Supermarket, Perth, Shrewsbury and Carlisle are among those least likely to have made a claim. Harrogate comes behind this troika while Exeter, Norwich and Plymouth take fifth, sixth and seventh place.

"While there are clearly some areas of the country with a higher proportion of insurance claims for car crime than others," says Peter Harrison, car insurance expert from MoneySupermarket, "this doesn't actually mean the area is rife with crime."

"Thieves often specifically target areas with a high number of cars parked on the street, such as urban areas where space is at a premium and fewer houses have garages. Alternatively quieter areas can often be targeted, where there's not a lot of passing traffic, where the rewards are potentially greater and the risk of being caught in the act may be lower."

The 10 UK postcode areas most likely to claim for car crime

Top ten UK car crime hotspots

Top ten UK car crime hotspots

Falling premiums?

The new numbers are a promotion, of sorts, for Chislehurst, Redbridge and Durham. Three places that have figured high in previous Supermarket car crime hotspot insurance claim surveys. And there's more good news. What this latest report doesn't state is that car crime rates are actually falling, and that means your car insurance should becoming cheaper - at least according to Money Supermarket.

"The average 'best price' on MoneySupermarket having fallen by 9.3% over the last year," claims Harrison. "This decrease may include individual areas with higher car crime, but reductions may not have been as great."

The 10 UK postcode areas least likely to claim for car crime

Reduce the odds of your car being nicked or broken into
  • Try and park in a driveway or garage if you can. If you're parking on the street, look for busier roads with a good amount of lighting and more passing traffic
  • If you're parking on the street at home, try and park the car near to your house and again, look for good lighting and think about how the area might look in the dark – parking under a streetlight is a good idea
  • Installing an alarm or steering wheel lock will also act as a deterrent for anyone looking for an easy target

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