£81m winner to remain anonymous

Lottery champagneA British jackpot winner who scooped a massive £81 million in the EuroMillions lottery will remain anonymous after claiming the prize.

The £81,381,673.30 payout, which saw the lucky ticket-holder shoot to sixth on the National Lottery Rich List, had gone unclaimed since Tuesday night.

But the mysterious punter has decided to remain unnamed after winning what is the sixth biggest lottery prize ever paid out in the UK.

A Camelot spokeswoman said: "We're delighted that the ticket-holder has now come forward to claim this life-changing prize.
"We are unable to confirm whether the ticket-holder is an individual or part of a syndicate, however they will now be offered the full support of Camelot's Winner Services Team."

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2012, winning £80 million would make the lucky ticket-holder the joint 908th richest person in the country.

The winner is just £10 million short of guitarist Brian May, who is worth £90 million, but can boast of being four times richer than Adele, who has a fortune of £20 million.

The sum could see the winner purchase their own Greek island, such as Omfori Island, currently being advertised for just over £40 million.

They could then trade in their old car for a Lamborghini Veneno, one of the world's most expensive cars, at a cost of £2.5 million, and also buy a dinosaur bone-encrusted iPad 2 Gold History edition for £5 million - and still have plenty left to spend.

Or the winner could splash all of the money in one single purchase to buy one of the UK's most expensive homes in Regent's Park in London, which sold in March for £80 million.

The Sunday Times rich list 2013

The Sunday Times rich list 2013

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